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Automatic Enrolment (or "Autoenrolment") is a new pension initiative introduced by the UK government to help people save for retirement through automatically enrolling employees into a workplace pension scheme. This means that every employer in the country must provide a pension scheme for their employee/s and enrol them into it if they qualify. This includes people who employ Personal Assistants / Carers.

Whether a PA / Carer qualifies for Autoenrolment is dependent on their age and earnings. However, it is a legal requirement to have a pension scheme in place whether employees are eligible for Automatic Enrolment or not.

Employees who do not qualify for Automatic Enrolment are still entitled to opt in to a pension if they are aged between 16 and 75 – however, the employer does not necessarily need to contribute to the pension.

Employees who are automatically enrolled into a pension scheme may then choose to opt out and close the pension. If they do this within a month of being automatically enrolled, the initial pension payment will be refunded. However, they will have to be re-enrolled every three years if they continue to qualify.

Enable Payroll has developed a comprehensive solution to allow us to manage Autoenrolment on behalf of our clients. 

Where requested we will:


Provide a pension scheme.
ü Help service users and their employees understand the legislation and meet guidelines.
ü Write to all employees to inform them of the Autoenrolment process.
ü Manage all communications with the Pensions Regulator.
ü Categorise all Carers / PAs to see if they qualify to be automatically enrolled or may opt in to a pension.
ü Enrol qualifying Carers / PAs into the pension, and re-enrol when required.
ü Constantly evaluate Carers / PAs to check if their qualifying status changes.
ü Automatically enrol existing and new eligible employees.
ü Administer employees opting in and opting out of pensions.
ü Calculate salary deductions and pension contributions.
ü Re-register with the Pensions Regulator every three years.

The fees for this (per employee) will be:

  • £10 start up fee for all employers
  • £1.50 per pay run where a pension deduction is made
  • £5 per annum admin fee for all employers to keep information up to date with the Pensions Regulator

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