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We're currently not taking on any new clients. If you're an existing customer and have a query, please contact us by phone on 0203 137 4406, or email us at: info@enable-payroll.co.uk.


Enable Payroll are specialists in providing payroll services for employers in receipt of Direct Payments and Personal Budgets. We have over 9 years experience of working with Local Authorities and currently provide services to over 30 authorities.

Details of the services we provide to Direct Payment recipients can be found here. In terms of the service we provide to Local Authorities, our service includes:

  • Production of reports for financial monitoring activities
  • Calculation of redundancy payments
  • Calculation of notice pay
  • Regular updates and newsletters advising of legislative changes effecting employers
  • Proactive communication should any issues arise such as prolonged sickness leave which may leave an employer short of funding
  • Support to calculate how much employers are able to afford to pay as hourly rates for employees
  • A comprehensive Auto Enrolment solution to ensure all employers will be legally compliant when this new legislation comes into force and the ability to report to Local Authorities those employers who have not enrolled and who are therefore at risk of receiving penalties for non-compliance (see Enable AutoEnrol)
  • Support communicating with employers and their employees by sending flyers and email communication on your behalf
  • Training and support for Care Managers, Finance Teams and Direct Payment support providers on payroll and pension matters
  • Additional financial support services such as managed accounts and pre-paid cards

Our aim is to make our service as accessible as possible and as such we have:

  • An online member’s area available for 24 hrs a day where employers can view payslips, HMRC liability information, upload timesheets, advise of new employees or leavers and access our employment guide and other useful resources. Employers can also grant their employees access to view their own payslips if they wish

  • Telephone support - we have a team of dedicated Payroll Advisers on hand to answer queries, take hours over the phone and to provide general information and support Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm

  • E-mail - for those who prefer to communicate with us electronically or outside of standard office hours, we provide payslips, advice and information by email

  • Post & Fax - many individuals have a preference for post of fax or require paper copies of information for financial monitoring. We endeavour to keep all written communication as clear and concise as possible and can produce this in a variety of formats, tailored to individual needs

If you are interested in contracting a sole payroll provider or setting up a framework please complete our online enquiry form.

We also offer a service to self-funding employers of Personal Assistants and Carers, details of which may be found on our Stafftax website.

HMRC are now clamping down on Real-Time Information late submissions and issuing penalties, to read more on this click here.

Are you up on pensions Auto Enrolment? Read our Guide to Auto Enrolment.