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By law, a full time employee is entitled to 5.6 weeks (28 days) of paid leave per annum. This includes the 8 UK bank holidays. Holiday can only be taken as it has been accrued.

Part Time Carers

Holiday Entitlement is calculated pro rata for part time employees by multiplying the number of days worked per week by 5.6, e.g.:
3 days per week x 5.6 = 16.8 days holiday entitlement per year

Bank Holidays

Bank holidays are included in the 28 days entitlement. Therefore, if a carer were to take a bank holiday off it will be deducted from her holiday entitlement. If a part time carer does not normally work on a day which a bank holiday would fall, then the Bank Holiday does not affect their entitlement.

Bank holidays do not have to be taken and the day's holiday can be taken at another time, provided an agreement has been reached between the carer and the employer.

Temporary Carers

Temping cares are also entitled to holiday.

Temporary carer, in a full time position

For a temp carer in a full-time position divide 28 (entitlement if full time permenant) with 52 (weeks in a year). Multiply the answer with the number of weeks the nanny has been contracted to work. E.g.:

Julie has been hired for 5 days per week for 16 weeks:

28 days ÷ 52 weeks = 0.54, x 16 weeks contracted = 8.6 days holiday entitlement for Julie.

Temporary nanny, in a part time position

First establish the annual entitlement if she was working the whole year by multiplying the number of days worked per week by 5.6, and the follow the same equation above, as for a full time. E.g.:

Kim has been hired 3 days per week for 6 weeks:

3 days per week x 5.6 weeks = 16.8 days holiday entitlement per yer, ÷ 52 weeks = 0.32, x 6 weeks = 1.9 days holiday for Kim.

Variable Hours

Sometimes carers do not work the same hours every day. In these cases, it is easiest to think of the carer's holiday entitlement in hours rather than days. Working it out is straightforward, just start with the total number of hours per week the carer is contracted to work. E.g.:

Sally has been hired to work for a total of 25 hours per week:

25 hours per week x 5.6 weeks = 140 hours per year holiday for Sally.

If Sally takes a day off and she is due to work for 3 hours, just knock 3 hours off the total.

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